We are well into the school year at the FIS and our ESL students across the Elementary School, Middle School and High School have been making good progress in their language acquisition! In Grade 7 this week, ESL students focused on revising and clarifying vocabulary from their Mixtures and Solutions unit in Science, and writing Scientific Conclusions for their upcoming lab reports. By practising in a supportive environment, they were able to use the new vocabulary in context and employ new structures in their written work. Well done!  

Grade 9 are beginning a project this week which will come to a head with them presenting an influential invention from history until today! The students have been developing their research skills as they create research questions and search for information to present next week. They will need to work together in order to create a well-rehearsed and visually appealing presentation to an audience of ‘experts’. Developing their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills through a project will help them work towards success in their IGCSE ESL course! It is very rewarding to see the students’ progress not only in their tasks within the ESL class, but also with their academic work in mainstream classes. Keep up the hard work!



0 #1 Jane 2016-06-08 13:24
hi ms Davey!!! great article!!!!!!!! :-*

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