I will be offering the EAL in the Mainstream professional development course again this year to teachers and teacher’s assistants from all school sections. I really recommend investing your time in this course as it helps participants to develop and trial ways not just of supporting EAL students but also of teaching language through content in the mainstream classroom in general.

The programme;

  • identifies the language-related needs of EAL students and develops teaching practices that address their needs in a holistic and explicit manner,
  • develops teachers' awareness of how to accommodate the cultural and linguistic diversity and experiences of EAL students,
  • provides a positive context for teachers to trial suggested strategies and reflect critically and openly on their teaching, 
  • shows how to develop collaborative working relationships between teachers (across subject areas) through a shared understanding of how to support ESL students. (Unlocking the World, 2015).

The course is taught over 9 modules (more info in the brochure) which will take place on Tuesday evenings at 16:00 in the Conference Room (2.012)  As well as attendance, completion of the course also requires between-module assignments in the form of readings and practical activities you can carry out in your own classroom and then reflect upon.

Here you can find the official brochure from the course too, which tells you about the different modules.

If you would like to take part in the course, please let me know via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Friday, September 23rd

As part of the FIS's ongoing professional development programme, the ESL department successfully delivered an ESL in the mainstream session to all staff.

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We are well into the school year at the FIS and our ESL students across the Elementary School, Middle School and High School have been making good progress in their language acquisition! In Grade 7 this week, ESL students focused on revising and clarifying vocabulary from their Mixtures and Solutions unit in Science, and writing Scientific Conclusions for their upcoming lab reports. By practising in a supportive environment, they were able to use the new vocabulary in context and employ new structures in their written work. Well done!  

Grade 9 are beginning a project this week which will come to a head with them presenting an influential invention from history until today! The students have been developing their research skills as they create research questions and search for information to present next week. They will need to work together in order to create a well-rehearsed and visually appealing presentation to an audience of ‘experts’. Developing their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills through a project will help them work towards success in their IGCSE ESL course! It is very rewarding to see the students’ progress not only in their tasks within the ESL class, but also with their academic work in mainstream classes. Keep up the hard work!